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Allevatori discus amatoriali e professionali, interviste e foto

Allevatori asiatici: i discus di Lawrence Soon - Versione in lingua inglese

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1.1 – When and how was your passion born for breeding of the discus?

A: I was involved in this industry when I was 18 year old after high school graduated, now I am 42 year old, so it was 1986 when I started raising discus for hobby and part time business selling some discus to local Malaysia discus exporters. After 1989, I started exporting my discus to Singapore discus importers with better price compared to Malaysia local discus exporters. At that time, I was young and my mother is the one helping me to run the business. My parents owned a car tire and battery shop. And I was working with my father after school. After 4 years involving in this discus business I decided not to take over my father’s shop business but to take full time on discus business instead. It was year 1993. My 1st shipment to Singapore is to Atlas Aquarium, Mr Loh.

Answer for my passion born is very simple. Compared to my parents business, discus business is pretty much easier and have more free time. And the most important thing is I can make money with this hobby that I love to spend time on. I really love discus, somemore I can meet lots of discus friends and members around the world.


1.2 - Your breeding/installation is open to the public? If necessary what are the formal procedures to contact you and therefore to visit your breeding?

A: My farm is not open to the public, but if buyers call or email me and make appointment, I will be very happy to show them my farm. Provided that they come with genuine intention!


1.3 - Do you have contacts with other breeders that are professionals and amateur? With what purposes?

A: Yes, I do have contacts with some professionals and amateur discus breeders around the world and also local Malaysia Discus breeders. Mainly on exchanging knowledge and information on how to make better quality discus. Even right now at this stage, I am still learning - constantly learning. As there are simply too many things to learn on discus. Too many secrets on discus.


1.4 - Do you Have exchanges of fish with other breeders? If necessary with who, what types of discus and for what end?

A: Yes, I do exchange all kinds of discus stocks with other breeders, both local and around the world. Some famous breeders like Lee Koon Yen, Goh Eng Koon, Lee Chee Foong,Teoh Beng Chye, Teh Kim Kang, Tony Tan, Chai Koon Seng (Singapore) & etc, they are all my teachers. All new discus strains are created at Penang (Malaysia) - so called Discus capital. In my entire discus business worldwide, I am able to visit all the famous discus farms and I also have the advantage in obtaining new strains from different famous breeders.


1.5 - What tool you prefer to maintain updated yourself on the procedures, events and innovation in this settor?  

A: Visiting all the farms and exchanging information and communication with all breeders is my main tool and innovation. Some times, breeders will not tell you everything, but I can observe with my own eyes and find out the secrets.


1.6 - Have you ever participated to any contests? If yes, with what results? 

A: Singapore Aquarama 2007 Grand champion ,

Singapore Aquarama 2007 Spotted strain 1st prize.

Singapore Aquarama 2007 Turquoise strain 1st prize

Singapore Tetra world Discus Championship 2006 Solid Red 2nd


Malaysia DSM 2004 Solid Red 3rd Prize

Malaysia DSM 2006 Solid Red 2nd Prize

And some I have already forgotten, sorry, but I will take some photos as soon as possible.





2.1 - What is the capacity of your installation? (Specifying the volume dedicated to the breeding and to the water change, meaning the oldness of the water) 

A: Farm 1 : 9 fibreglass each 2400 gallon =21600 gallon. This is only storage tanks. Besides this, there are 450 tanks with all kinds of sizes. Some are for breeding 24”X 16”X 24”, some are for raising 48” X 24” X 16” and some are for my future breeding stock 36”X 24” X 16”.

Farm 2:   6 fibreglass each 3000 gallon =18000 gallon. This is growing farm and quarantine farm, all discus are moved here before shipping.


2.2 - Is the installation subdivided in sectors? (Growth, breeding, reproduction) Could you indicate the substantial differences adopted in the development of everyone?  

A: Malaysia Fishery Department is now having a very serious rule and regulation on ornamental fish exportation. And EU also has special requirements on all importation from Asia countries. Because many exporters in Asia do not follow the steps and requirements on how to quarantine the fish. Last year, I have already well prepared the facility, especially the quarantine procedure and farm.

That is why I have 2 different farms.

1st Farm is for breeding pair and small fry, the so-called reproduction.

2nd farm is mainly for quarantine purpose.


2.3 - What type of filtration do you adopt and why do you prefer this rather that another one?  

A: No filtration at all with all my discus. My philosophy is 100 % water changed daily is better than any high value filter media.

As long as I know how to adjust and optimize my tap water to become suitable water, and with 100% water changed, no any other filter systems can compete with new fresh suitable water. There is misunderstanding from some of the oversea’s sources claiming that Penang water quality is good for discus breeding and raising. This is totally wrong.

The water from direct tap water is having extremely high PH, about 8.5 and chlorine is extremely toxic to fish. That is the reason why I need so much storage fibleglass tanks to age and treat the water from bad quality water to become suitable water for discus.


2.4 - How you arrange the water changes?  

A:100 % water changed twice daily.


2.5 - What are the typologies and the dimensions of the tanks and their functionality?  

A:Breeding pair tank size is 24”X 36” X 15” height.

Small discus fry which is separate from their parents are kept at 24”X 24”x 12” height. This small tank will make them easy to eat the brine shrimp.

After small discus fry starts eating beefheart, I will transfer them to much bigger size tanks at 36”X 24” X 18” height.This will allow more space for them to grow faster. Bigger space helps a lot in faster growing.


2.6 - What variety do you prefer to reproduce and because? What variety have you reproduced in the past and what are you reproducing nowadays?  

A: It all depends on the market demand. Some discus varieties may not have great demand on Europe market, but they are gaining popularity in other regions. Asia is always in front of Europe. For example, high body strain, maybe Europe discus lovers think it is deform fish, but in the point of view of some big Asia discus importers especially from China and Hong Kong, this item is their cup of tea.

I also understand that there were some exporters sending some real deform fish which couldn’t grow well, like Bulldog

Discus and made Europe discus lovers have very bad impression about this strain. Actually, real non-deform high body bulldog is the future trend of all discus lovers.

Nowadays, I mainly concentrate in high body strains and some old fashion discus such as Cobalt, Turquoise with better body shape.


2.7 - The management of the installation is done manually or provided of automatically (lights, change etc.)?  

A: Water changing system is being done half automatically. Feeding will take us more than 2 hours slowly until all discus stomach is full and stop eating. But water (cloudy with waste) must be released fast and topped up as soon as possible.


2.8 - In The management of this installation with other persons do they collaborate with you? If so, how many persons collaborate with you in the management?  

With total two farms, 1st farm has 3 workers and second farm (quarantine) has 2 workers. And I only in charged on intructing them how to operate, as sometime I have to handle and entertain the customers from overseas. And I still have another stingray ray farm to handle, so I am running around these 3 farms like a crazy man.


2.9 - how much time (Daily) do you dedicate to your installation?  

A: All of the discus tank water 100% changed twice daily .

Installation is a one time job. As long as the installaion is done adequately, there is minimal maintenance. Routine checking and maintenance is much of a daily job (during water changing) rather than a periodic job.


2.10 - How do you regulate yourself concerning the consumptions and on the expenditures and management, and how much do you spend to maintain the installation annually? (Nutrition, water, heating, electricity). You adopt some expedient to save on the consumptions, for example electricity and water? How do you manage the heating?  

A:If you see carefully, all my age water storage fibleglass tanks are painted with black color, this is to preserve heat from sunlight. In Malaysia, it is summer all year long, except for the raining season. So,i don’t need any heaters for all my discus farms. The major consumption is the beefheart, each month I need to buy at least 700kg of unprocessed beefhearts.




3.1 - That type of water and that values utilizations in the varied phases? (Reproduction, growth, breeding) 

A: I don’t really separate the water on reproduction, growth or breeding. All water is with the same condition.


3.2 - THE WATER of the conduct has fit values or the strokes to obtain this criteria that you think is more better? If necessary that type of treatments do you use to develop the water?  

A: As above.


3.3 - do you age the water? If yes, how does the age happens?  

A: I do age my water in those painted black 2400 gallon fibreglass tanks. Like I have mentioned earlier, direct water supply from the tap water is totally unacceptable. Chlorine is extremely high toxic ,I have treat with Sodium Thiosulfate (food grade).And PH is extremely high, PH value 8.5 and I have to treat with Phosphoric Acid 85% min. It is absolutely not suitable to raise the discus if I do not treat them well before water goes into my discus tanks.




4.1 - how do you select the couples? From who do you chose the new discus to breed, select and reproduce?  

A: I select out the couples without seeing them pairing. Just pick up a well mature male and a female and place into the breeding tank. I don’t have time to see how they behave and pairing at the community tank.


4.2 - On what projects are you working in terms of couplings?  

A: Depend on the market trend and demand.


4.3 - Do you use wilds for the reproductions?  

A: I do. Especially the wild heckel from the wild.


4.4 - What is your opinion on the variety of wild be taken to be crossed and why?  

A: Crossbreed within wild and my stock is to bring the red eye genetic. Especially those spotted strains.


4.5 - At what age do you start the fish reproduction?  

A: It depends. Some strains need at least 14 months and some strains need at least 18 months.


4.6 - After the choice of the reproductive subjects how do you get them ready for the deposition?  

A: I can use special skill to force them to breed in a few days, if the egg is not successful or not fertilized for a few times, I will separate them or maybe change the pairs.


4.7 - During the phases of the reproduction what you do, and what instead avoid to do?  

A: Constantly observing their behaviour. Avoid feeding them too much.


4.8 - How you manage the reproduction tanks?  

A: I can use PH, temperature or medicine to shock them to breed.


4.9 - What type of nutrition do you adopt in the varied phases, and how do you feed your reproducers?  

A: Nothing. As long as the discus I raise them with good health and with good growth, the couple doesn’t need any special nutrition to continue breeding constantly.


4.10 - When you separate the small from the parents and how to feed them until their separation and in the first month of life?  

A: Most of my fry are separated from the parents not more than 7 days. After separation, I will have 2 choices, for the discus with high value, I will transfer them to foster parents to take care, or I will direct transfer them to a smaller tank with size 24”X 16”X 24”. With small size tank like this and to feed them with good quality brine shrimp, the fry with just 6-7 days old can survive without parents care.


4.11 - How do you eventually prevent parasites in the little ones and how do you behave to implore such danger before you put to reproduction the couples?  

A: I will make sure all my fish at my farm are without any sickness at all. Every week I will add Potassium permanganate to kill all the bacterias.


4.12 - Have you ever carried out the growth artificially or only with the parents? Eventual benefits or against verified?  

A: I have never carried out the fish babies from the parents artificially, but I will try my best not to let the parents take too many days to carry the fish babies. Unless I transfer them to foster parents, those foster parents must be very smart to take care of the fish babies that actually not belong to them.


4.13 - How you place your fish on the market?  

A: I have regular customers and usually I will send the actual fish photos for my clients and they will place the orders through emails. Some Asia customers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan will come to my farm every month hand-picking the fish themselves.




5.1 - Do you carry out therapies of prevention or do you take action in the presence of an illness? Therefore would you mind explaining the formal procedure of the treatments? R: 

A: Periodically treat the fish with medicines to kill the bacterias, parasites and etc. I will use Potassium Permanganate and formalin 37%.


5.2 - How do you certain the presence of an illness?  

A: Some symptoms are shown on the eyes, body shapes or colours depends on what type of illness, if you are experienced enough to detect.


5.3 - What are the most commun illnesses demonstrated with more frequency in discus breeding and how do you prevent the illness and eventually contrast it?  

A: Common sickness of the breeding stock is external parasite created after taking care of their discus babies, try your best to separate the discus babies from the parents as fast as possible. As long as the discus babies are healthy and if we can supply them with very fine quality of brine shrimp, then why not we separate them?! Sometimes too many fish babies will hurt the parents if the parents cannot produce enough milk for them. To prevent those parents become sick is to always feed the brine shrimps regularly. Sometime I will feed the brine shrimp 5 times a day just to make prevention that the parents will not become sick because the fish babies always attach to their parents’ bodies to eat the milk from them.

My theory is very simple, imagine if a human being mother cannot produce enough breast milk for her infant, what is the replacement of the breast milk? Milk powder from the supermarket is the one we should supply them.

But don’t forget to do it with the right way, many discus breeders feed ten times more of the food supply to the discus babies, but the discus babies cannot finish all of them. At the end the leftover of the food, the so called dead bodies of the brine shrimps will become a waste, and turned out to be ammonia.


5.4 - How you behave in presence of intestinal parasites?  

A: Routine treat the internal parasite monthly with Metronidazole and praziquantel.


5.5 - How you behave yourself in presence of branchial/skins parasites?  

A: Depends on what sort of sickness.Periodically treat with Formalin 37% or Ppotassium Permanganet 99.90%.


5.6 - What type of medicinal do you use: those specific for water tanks or other utilizations types of medicinal? Would you mind saying which?  

A: Refer above-mentioned.


5.7 - Do you quarantines the fish in arrival in your installation? Medicinal utilizations/active principles during the quarantine? and If so, with what dosages and explain the formal procedure?  

A: Yes, definitely. A pre-treat water tank with suitable PH is the essential. It’s almost the same with how we treat our fish stocks. ………




6.1 - What advice would you give to the persons approaching for the first time this hobby?  

A: Always get the discus from the responsible and with good knowledge dealing with the proper quarantine procedure and packing. Very simple theory, I take good care of my wholesalers and if they make money by selling to the retailers or hobbyists without any problems, then they will repeat orders again and again. I make money and my wholesalers also make money, and the buyers also happy. Everybody is happy!


6.2 - What do you think of   Hobby Discus community, of our initiatives and of our approach with our discus passion?  

A: Hobby Discus community is good in terms of sharing knowledge and skills among members. I believe your site has excelled greatly in introducing direct bulk-order with discounted price from breeders, like me.


Thanks for dedicating us your time.

Hobby Discus Staff



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